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Parish Council Agenda and Minutes


At its August 2012 meeting, the Parish Council agreed that as from September 2012 the Agenda and Minutes for Parish Council Meetings will be published on this website.  They will be published in the form of Adobe .pdf files which can be read using the free Adobe Reader program available at http.://  

If you wish to film, take a photograph or record a meeting your attention is drawn to the following guidelines.

Agenda Minutes
  Minutes August 2012
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Agenda Parish Meeting April 2016 Minutes Parish Assembly April 2016
Agenda Annual PC Meeting May 2016 Minutes Annual PC Meeting May 2016
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Agenda September 2016 Minutes September 2016
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Agenda September 2017 Minutes September 2017
Agenda October 2017 Minutes October 2017
Agenda November 2017 Draft Minutes Nov 2017



Southoe & Midloe Parish Council comprises seven councillors elected from residents of the village via elections held every four years.  The next elections are due in May 2018.

Your current Councillors and their details are :-








Alan Marnes

01480 476489



Dick Saw

01480 472947



Ian Davies

01480 218626



Sharon Mitchell

07917 714646


Andrew Kiley

01480 472730


Sue Brierley

01480 214716  


Rachael Horsman  
District Councillor Terry Hayward

County Councillor Peter Downes


A summary of councillors' responsibilities can be read here.

The latest Annual Governance Statements can be read here :-

AR Section 1

AR Section 2

Bank Reconciliation

Variances Form

Internal Auditor Report

External Auditors Report 2016 - 2017

Notice of conclusions of Audit year ending 31st March 2017

Detailed Payments of over £100 for financial year 2016/2017

Summary Receipts and Payments 2016/2017

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of unaudited Annual Return 2016/2017

The current parish concil policy documents can be viewed here:-

Financial Regulations

Financial Risk Assessment

Maintenance Schedule

Risk Assessment

Standing Orders

The Parish Council normally meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the village hall at 7.30pm.  This can be confirmed from the notice of meeting  placed in the Village Notice Board before any such meeting.  There are no meetings in August.  

All members of the public are entitled to attend Parish Council Meetings and there is a 15 minute slot at each meeting within which members of the public can raise any points they wish with the Parish Council.

If any member of the public cannot attend such a meeting and they wish to raise matters concerned with the village, they should either contact one of the aforementioned Parish Councillors.

All official correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk:-

Ms Ramune Mimiene

40 Elizabethan Way



PE28 4SU                        Telephone : 01480 532239

Parish Council Code of Conduct

Under the Localism Act 2011, the Parish Council is required to have a Code of Conduct to ensure the maintenance of high standards of Councillors and co-opted Member(s).

At its meeting held on 5th June 2014, the Parish Council adopted a revised Code identical to the one formally accepted by Huntingdonshire District Council at their meeting held on 30th April 2014.  To view associated completed Disclosable Pecuniary Interests Forms please click on individual Parish Councillor names above.



If any member of the public wishes to complain about a Councillor’s conduct,  the ONLY way they can do this is by contacting the Monitoring Officer at Huntingdonshire District Council.  It is NOT a matter on which the Parish Council itself can comment.  

For further details please use the following link or contact the Monitoring Officer at  

Huntingdonshire District Council
Pathfinder House
St Mary's Street
PE29 3TN.

or email: